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Muuziko Weekly Top 25 – Dance/Electronic

Electronic Music has had its own good share of quality album releases in recent times. Here are the top 3 albums that made the playlists last week.

1. The London Session by Tiesto: Dutch record producer and DJ Tiesto, released this body of work on the 15th of May 2020. The 15-Tracks album released under Universal music is Tiesto’s 6th studio album. “The London Sessions” is a compilation of Dance-House tracks and Tiesto claimed that his time in London heavily impacted it’s sounds. The album features: Kamille, Violet Skies, Becky Hill and English star Rita Ora. “Jackie Chan” ft Post Malone and Dzeko, “Ritual” and “God is a dancer” have been some of the most played tracks from the album. Album tracks added to 3 playlists.

2. Trip to Tomorrow by Coone: Belgian Hardstyle artist Coone, released this albums far back as October 2018 under his label Dirty Workz. The hardstyle electronic and pop album went on to become one of the most successful hardstyle albums of 2018. “Trash Moment”, “Dedicated to the Core”, “Superman” and “Pump the jam” were added to the Hard Style Bangers playlist last week. The 8 tracks album continues to be relevant in Hardstyle Electronic music conversations.

3. Ghostly Swim 3 by Various artists: This 14 tracks electronic dance project released in December 2019, features artists like Bodgon Raczynski, Black Noise, DJ Python and others. Ghostly Swim 3 was compiled and released by Ghostly international and Adult Swim, it is the third in the series of their compilations. Adult Swim is not your typical commercial electronic album; the songs were recorded in an unusual style of House, Techno, Drum n Bass and Break Beat. Little wonder it was added to the Genre Glitch playlist.

To listen and to also find more information about these Dance/Electronic albums updates, read below and click on the next page or follow the Spotify link on top of this post

The London Sessions
Artists: Tiësto
Added to 3 playlists.
Playlists: Dance Rising  |  mint Canada  |  Shuffle Syndrome
Tracks: Insomnia  |  What’s It Gonna Be  |  Lose You
Ghostly Swim 3
Artists: Various Artists
Added to 1 playlists.
Playlists: Genre Glitch
Tracks: onesix-four  |  Rhino  |  Fractured  |  Kabeljau  |  ggowwksstane
For The People
Artists: Deepack
Added to 1 playlists.
Playlists: Hardstyle Bangers
Tracks: Fly Away  |  Other Half Of Me
Artists: Bass Modulators
Added to 1 playlists.
Playlists: Hardstyle Bangers
Tracks: Oxygen – Clockartz Remix  |  Awakening
Artists: JOYRYDE
Added to 2 playlists.
Playlists: Shuffle Syndrome  |  Nasty Bits
Tracks: ON FIRE  |  FAIL ME
Nothing To See Here
Artists: DVBBS
Added to 1 playlists.
Playlists: mint Canada
Tracks: Swim
Club Zero Cool, Vol. 1
Artists: MOTi
Added to 1 playlists.
Playlists: Shuffle Syndrome
Tracks: For The Love Of Money  |  Friday  |  La Verdolaga
The Way
Artists: Julien Chaptal
Added to 1 playlists.
Playlists: Carl Cox’ track IDs
Tracks: Omnia  |  Use Your Mind  |  Fantasy

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